Hello! I'm glad you found me. Welcome to White Mirror Photography. This is my personal playground. A visual travel through borders and time. The pictures you find on my page are reflections of life. Of life I happen to come by. Sometimes on purpose. Sometimes by pure coincidence. Together with my camera I’m keen on capturing daily life. Nature, people, events and products. Whatever surprises me, makes me laugh, makes me wonder, makes me love. Curiosity and an eye for detail is why I start making photos and why I will be continuing on doing so.

Photography and mirrors have always been closely related. The mirror in the camera, the visual reflections in objects and the reflection of that moment that is captured. As the Mayas believe, a white mirror defines in order to reflect. And that’s exactly what happens to me when I stumble upon new experiences. The camera as single witness of the things I’ve seen. I hope I can share a bit of the wow-ness I felt while make these photos. Please take a look around.